From the Program Director

Welcome to the Environmental Science program at Appalachian!   Ever since its introduction in the Fall of 2008, our program has been developed and managed as being, above all, student-centric - as a matter of fact, we designed our strategic plan based on program attributes that would most serve student success.  Moreover, our program is unique in that it is very science-intensive - a comparison to other nationally-recognized programs shows that our students spend more time in science laboratories and in the field than most other environmental science or studies programs (and lab/field time commensurate with the core sciences at Appalachian), a true measure of our commitment to alumni with hands-on experiences that will make them valued problem solvers going forward.   In addition, all students are required to disseminate an active learning project in the capstone course and in the Journal of Student Research in Environmental Science at Appalachian (JSRESA), an internally-reviewed journal intended to immerse students in the process of manuscript submission and revision.  To our knowledge, our program is the only Environmental Science program nationally that provides the opportunity for publication to all students.  By leveraging the world-class academics and faculty research at Appalachian in the areas of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics, students launch their careers with a truly inter-disciplinary, science-based background and with competence based on experiences that contribute to advancements in environmentally-related scientific endeavors. As our young program grows and evolves, we seek to continually improve all facets of the program through continuous assessment.  Whether you are a potential or current student, parent, alumni, faculty, research or academic partner, contributor, and/or a friend of Appalachian, I encourage you to browse this site and I hope that you feel free to contact me directly with any questions or comments.  Key to our success is our willing and enthusiastic responsiveness to all stakeholders' input - I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Chris Thaxton

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