Careers and Internships

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It's never too early to start planning your career, nor is it ever too late to make changes to your career plans.  This webpage is intended to provide all stakeholders - prospective majors, current students, and alumni - critical information and resources necessary for you to succeed in your chosen career.

Prospective Students and Career Statistics

Appalachian State University Resources

ASU Career Development Center is your one-stop shop for career preparation, including Career Gear.  Make sure to use as many of the available resources as possible, including resume building, cover letter services, and a range of workshops.  Peer Career also provides some information for environmentally-related careers.

Internship and Job Opportunities

An internship is normally an 8-12 week (e.g. 10-week) experience in the summer (May-August), usually following the Spring semester of your Sophomore and/or Junior years.  Some are paid, others unpaid, but in both cases, a quality internship will be a good investment for your career by giving you first hand experience in the types of jobs and workplaces that interest you.  Internships are also an excellent opportunity to start making connections within the professional and/or academic community of which you wish to become a part. 

A list of all Environmental companies in North Carolina - use this list, arranged by County, to find a company of interest; the information should allow you to do a search-engine inquiry to find their website and job postings.

Links and information on environmental jobs: